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GWL high temperature series self-limiting temperature electric heating cable

GWL high temperature series self-limiting temperature electric heating cable developed by the company is widely used in pipelines, storage, heat tracing, anti-condensation, and anti-freezing of petroleum, chemical, steel, and power industries. The heating cable is suitable for ordinary areas, dangerous areas and corrosive areas flat ribbon cable.

Product structure of high temperature series self-limiting temperature electric heating cable: marine wire

① Copper conductor: 7 × 0.50; 7 × 0.32; 19 × 0.41;② conductive plastic layer: fluorine-containing PTC;
③ Insulation layer: perfluorinated material;
④ Shielding layer: tinned soft round copper wire (covering density 70%);
⑤ Sheath layer: perfluorinated material;

Technical indicators:
Standard color: red;
Temperature range: maximum working temperature 130 ± 5 ℃; maximum exposure temperature 150 ℃;pur cable
Construction temperature: minimum -40 ℃;
Thermal stability: After cycling back and forth from 10 ℃ to 149 ℃ for 300 times, the heating value of the heating cable is maintained above 90%.
Bending radius: 38.5mm at -20 ° C; 49.0mm at -30 ° C;Heat Trace Cable
Insulation resistance: When the length of the heating cable is 100m and the temperature is 75 ° C, the minimum value of the insulation resistance is 20MΩ, which is shielded or explosion-proof. At room temperature, use 2500VDC to shake between the shield and the conductive core for 1 minute. Insulation resistance The minimum value is 20MΩ.

product advantages:
1. The temperature of the heat tracing pipeline is uniform, will not overheat, and is safe and reliable;
2. Save electricity;
3. During intermittent operation, the heating starts quickly;
4. Low installation and operation costs;
5. Easy installation and maintenance;
6. Facilitate automated management;
7. No environmental pollution.

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