About us

Founded in 1974, Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Tianchang City on the bank of the Yangtze River. It is adjacent to the ancient city of Nanjing in the south and adjacent to Yangzhou in the east. It is located in the vibrant “Yangtze River Delta” economic circle and has a good investment. And the development environment.After 40 years of development, Tiankang Instrument, Tiankang Cable, Medicine, Medical Equipment, Special Steel Tube, Lithium Titanate Battery and other products belonging to Tiankang Group are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, communication, health, etc. industry. The company now covers an area of ​​nearly 5,000 acres and has more than 6,000 employees. It has become a state-level contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, a Chinese quality credit enterprise, a top 10 wire and cable enterprise in China, and 50 key enterprises in Anhui Province. The province pays taxes and taxes on advanced enterprises and bank credit AAA enterprises.

As the country’s largest instrument production base, the company produces Tiankang instruments: temperature, pressure, level, flow and other products have been well received by users. Nuclear-grade instrument products with independent intellectual property rights have been widely used and promoted in the nuclear power industry after being certified by national authorities. The company also focuses on the field of automation instrumentation and system integration. It has a group of professional engineers and sales personnel with rich experience, and has successfully provided consulting for automation engineering for users in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, communication and other industries. Automation solutions and system engineering services such as design, support, integration, installation and commissioning have a good reputation.
As the optical cable production base of Anhui Province, the company’s Tiankang cable products have maintained a high market share in the domestic market for a long time. After the IE-class K3 cable entered the nuclear power market, it made due contributions to China’s nuclear power industry. The aviation cable products with international advanced level have also entered the stage of development and trial production, and it is expected to enter the aviation field in China in the near future and replace imports. A number of special cable products such as marine cables, locomotive cables, photovoltaic cables, wind energy cables, mineral insulated cables, and heat tracing cables quickly seize the high-end product market. Optical cable and communication cable products have passed UL, CE, TLC and other certifications, and have been the first in the same industry in the country to obtain the network access license and use of the Ministry of Information Industry, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the General Staff, providing a large number of high-quality products for large-scale projects in many countries.
For more than 40 years of hard work, Tiankang, standing at a new starting point, will always adhere to the spirit of Tiankang, which has the advantages of “crossing and excellence”, and strive to create “One Hundred Years of Tiankang, Science and Technology Tiankang, and Happy Tiankang”. Kang Shi New Era.