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Flame retardant water pipe electric heating cable

I. Flame retardant water pipe electric heating cable Introduction

In the cold winter weather, the water pipes in various regions are affected by the weather in winter, and there will be frost blocking. The best way to solve this problem is to use Anbang flame-retardant water pipes and electric heating cables. As long as the self-limiting electric heating cable is fixedly laid on the surface of the pipeline and a thermal insulation layer is applied, the heat energy output from the water pipe heating cable can effectively relieve Silicone rubber electric Cable the cold blocking phenomenon and increase the temperature of the medium in the pipe.
Product structure

electric heat tracing
1. Core; 2. Conductive plastic layer: flame retardant PTC; 3. Insulation layer: flame retardant polyolefin

Third, the technical indicators
1. Standard color: black;
2. Temperature range: The maximum working temperature is 65 ± 5 ℃; the maximum exposure temperature is 85 ℃; silicone rubber cable the maximum bearing temperature is 105 ℃ for modified polyolefin and 105 ℃ for flame retardant polyolefin.
3. Construction temperature: minimum -40 ℃;
4. Thermal stability: After cycling back and forth from 10 ℃ to 99 ℃ for 300 times, the heating value of the heating cable is maintained above 90%;
5. Bending radius: 25.4mm at -20 ℃; 35.0mm at -30 ℃.
Product features silicone coated flat wire
1. During intermittent operation, the heating starts quickly;
2, good insulation performance, anti-aging performance, low-voltage operation;
3. Safe and reliable, good flexibility, easy to install, convenient to use and maintain;
4. Facilitate automated management Flexible silicone wire;
5. No environmental pollution.

The electric heat tracing of Anhui Tiankang Group is to use electric heat tracing equipment to convert electrical energy into heat energy. Through direct or indirect heat exchange,Silicone Rubber Instrument Signal Cable it supplements the heat lost by the heat tracing equipment through the insulation material, and adopts temperaturecontrol to track and control the heat The temperature of the medium in the thermal equipment is maintained at a reasonable and economical level. The principle of heat tracing of water pipes in the tropics is also the same, so as to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation.

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