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DXW-PF oil industry special oil well electric heating cable

DXW-PF oil industry special oil well electric heating cable series for petroleum industry

Crude oil, waxy crude oil, high-condensation oil and other oils in crude oil are all due to “poor physical properties”. In the production and production, when crude oil passes from the oil layer through the oil pipe and the oil pipeline to the gathering pumping station, the crude oil temperature is low due to heat loss. At the critical flow temperature, this leads to precipitation and deposition of wax, a sudden increase in viscosity,self regulating heat tape and an increase in flow pressure drop which prevents smooth mining. “Thermal oil recovery” is the use of heat source along the process of mining, through the carrier and crude oil (thick, wax, condensation) for heat exchange, to supplement heat loss, to overcome the above problems, to achieve smooth mining purposes.

1 Heat-resistant cable tinned round copper wire (2.5mm2); 2 fluoroplastic insulated inner layer; 3 tinned copper wire braided shield; 4 fluoroplastic insulated jacket anticorrosion; 5 copper core wire 3mm2
The oil well self-limiting temperature electric heating cable heating device has the advantages of all the above-mentioned effective thermal recovery methods, and solves the above problems at present, and is an internationally advanced and effective process means, and the effect is very satisfactory. At the same time, because of its high efficiency and energy saving, it is suitable for wide application http://www.tiankangcable.com/Heat-Trace-Cable.html.
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The oil well electric heating cable for the oil industry can be used up to 2000 meters.

DXW-PF oil industry special oil well electric heating cable working principle

The oil well self-limiting temperature electric heating cable heating device is the reverse output power along the depth of the well depth along the pipeline or pipeline direction after the electric heating cable is energized. The heat is supplied to the oil pipe through the medium or the rod body in the rod, and a constant temperature is maintained along the line direction to achieve the effects of reducing viscosity, melting wax, and increasing pump efficiency. The core of the three groups of PTC heating cores in the electric heating cable is made of conductive polymer PTC functional material, which is made by extrusion and radiation processing. Each point can reverse the output power with the temperature of the heated body. Change to achieve automatic compensation, automatic adjustment, automatic control http://www.tiankangcable.com/Heat-resistant-cable.html.
DXW-PF oil industry special oil well electric heating cable main advantage
1. Economical: Simple installation and heating system that achieves optimum efficiency based on the design of a particular well. The system has an immediate effect on crude oil production in the following ways:
2. Reduce the wax blocking of the tubing and frequent waxing;
3. Warming and viscosity reduction reduces the flow resistance of the wellbore and increases pump efficiency http://www.tiankangcable.com/flat-ribbon-cable.html;
4. Reduce the stress on the pump and the pump rod, reduce the floating effect of the sucker rod, prevent the sucker rod from floating and prolong the service life.
5. Easy to control: The heat output of the oil well electric heating cable can be changed according to the needs, so that the running cost reaches the lowest value. After the temporary shut-in, the oil pipe will not be blocked, and the production capacity of the oil well can be quickly restored. flat cable At the same time, low-flow crude oil does not cause partial blockage of the oil pipe.
6, will not pollute crude oil, can not only get the full value of the production of crude oil, nor will it affect the downstream refining process.

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