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DWL-P low temperature type explosion-proof electric heating cable

; explosion-proof type heating cable is a composite metal shielding net in the basic outer layer, which is effective in tropical heating. Eliminate static electricity and resist external mechanical encounters, mainly used in places with explosion-proof requirements. k type thermocouple For example: the pipeline or tank insulation of the power plant, due to the special nature of the site in the power plant, there is the need for explosion-proof, using our company’s low-temperature explosion-proof heating cable to meet the needs of heat preservation and explosion protection. Second, DWL-P low temperature type explosion-proof electric heating cable structure
1, copper core wire: 7 × 0.32; 7 × 0.42; 7 × 0.50; 19 × 0.32;
2, conductive plastic layer: ordinary PTC; flame retardant PTC; fluorine-containing PTC;
3. Insulation layer: modified polyolefin; flame retardant polyolefin; fluorine-containing polyolefin; perfluorinated material;armored thermocouple
4. Shielding layer: tinned soft round copper wire (covering density 80%);

explosion-proof electric heating cable
Third, DWL-P low temperature type explosion-proof electric heating cable technical indicators http://www.chinathermocouple.com/Wear-resistant-Thermocouple.html 
1. Temperature range: the highest working temperature is 65±5°C; the highest exposure temperature is 85°C;
2, construction temperature: minimum -40 ° C;http://www.chinathermocouple.com/Armored-Thermocouple.html
3. Thermal stability: After circulating 300 times between 10 °C and 99 °C, the heat output of the cable is maintained above 90%.
4, the maximum length of use: 100m.
Fourth, performance advantages
1. Explosion-proof type is shielded by a layer of wire braided in the basic self-limiting temperature heating cable.Wear-resistant thermocouple
2. Increase the shielding layer, with grounding and enhanced protection.
3, with explosion-proof, waterproof and all-weather performance, high reliability, power self-adjustment, temperature control.

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