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Electric heating cable for power plant

I. Introduction

As most domestic power plants use high-sulfur coal as the main fuel, China ’s sulfur dioxide emissions are increasing year by year. A large amount of sulfur dioxide emissions make China the third largest acid rain pollution country and region in the world after North America and Europe.AnHui TianKang (Group)Shares Co.,Ltd

In order to protect the living environment, reduce sulfur emissions and harm, power plant flue gas desulfurization technology is receiving widespread attention, and the environmental protection industry is gradually taking shape. For this reason, Anbang has specially developed a series of self-limiting electric heating and heating cables for desulfurization and environmental protection projects in power plants. And other phenomena. At present, this series of products are used in many domestic power plant desulfurization projects, and users have responded well.

Product structure

Electric heating cable

① Copper conductor; ② Conductive plastic layer; ③ Insulation layer; ④ Shield layer; ⑤ Sheath layer;silicone rubber cable

Product Features

Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd.’s special electric heating cable is a special electric heating cable produced for power plants or pipelines with steam sweep lines. Its product feature is the addition of heat insulation between the sheath and the shielding layer of the electric heating cable. The layer can be directly installed on the pipe wall with steam sweep line, which solves the need for heat insulation methods such as heat insulation clamps for the installation of electric heating cables in pipes with steam sweep line Silicone rubber electric Cable.

Electric heat tracing is the use of electric heat tracing equipment to convert electrical energy into heat energy. Through direct or indirect heat exchange, it supplements the heat lost by the heat tracing equipment through the insulation material, and adopts temperature control to track and control the medium in the heat tracing equipment. Temperature to keep it at a reasonable and economic level Silicone rubber flat cable.

Product advantages

Not only save installation and maintenance costs, but also because the electric heating cable is directly installed on the pipe wall,Silicone rubber control cable so that the heat tracing effect is more direct and effective, thereby reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Therefore, the special electric heating cable of the power plant is the best type of electric heating cable for pipelines with steam sweeping lines.

Five, technical parameters High temperature Silicone Rubber cable
1. Heat-tracing structure: conductive thermoplastic on the inner layer, double-layer flame-retardant polyolefin on the outer layer and a shielding layer;
2. Temperature range: the maximum exposure temperature is 85 ° C, the maximum surface temperature is 85 ° C, the maximum maintenance temperature is 65 ° C, and the minimum use temperature is -40 ° C;
3. Construction temperature: minimum: -5 ℃;
4. Thermal stability: After cycling back and forth from 10 ℃ to 99 ℃ for 300 times, the heating value of the heating cable is maintained above 90%;
5. Bending radius: 25.4mm at 20 ° C and 35.0mm at -30 ° C;
6. Insulation resistance: When the length of the heating cable is 100m and the ambient temperature is 75 ° C, use a 2,500VDC shaking table to shake for 1 minute.




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